Submit a Video

To submit a video simply send us the details via the contact form. The video must be of good quality and be on you tube. So all you have to do is send us a link. The videos we love are techniques and can be simple instruction videos or more complicated combinations. So get taping and send them in, oh if you find a video you think others would like just send me the link.

It is important to get recording your videos and adding them to this site. It doesn’t matter if you are world class or club instructors or fighters these videos will help you get more coverage assist other Judo players and we will add a link to your club or website/ twitter or face book fan pages.

So get your cameras and send us the link for Judo in MMA, Judo techniques, seminars, competition throws and anything else you think people will enjoy. This is social media Judo and its free!

As a showcase for children we are also adding Junior Judo videos which shows various Junior Judoka pulling off techniques in competition  If you want your young students skills to be showcased then please get in touch and if the video is good enough it will be added. This site is designed to inspire and encourage Judo players of all ages and levels.