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The Grip Fighting Workshop DVD



The Grip fighting workshop DVD is the training programme devised by former Bulgarian National Judo and Sambo Champion Georgi Georgiev who is also the current British Sambo Champion. This DVD download is an amazing look into the Grip fighting skills of this elite athlete. Endorsed by Olympic Judo Players it has been a world wide smash hit.

It will take your grip fighting skills to the next level.

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Work Outs For Judo

This amazing book is packed with top class and quality workouts for Judo players. I personally have used the programme to drop a ton of weight. Matt D’ Aquino who is one of the hardest working Judo players in the world has put together a master class of workout for the judoka. This is an amazing product or gift for anyone

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Strength Training for Judo

The Strength Training for Judo e book by Matt D Aquino 2008 Olympian has lifted the lid on the strength training techniques of top olympic athletes. We all kn ow that the best Judo players have strength. This book goes into detail on the best exercises to get stronger. It is designed for Judo players, not weight lifters or anyone else.

I highly recommend the book and use it personally. But please click on the link to discover  a lot more information about the product.

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 Turbulence Training

There are not many programmes out there that I recommend. I am a fitness instructor and a                    former boxer as well as a Judo player. However this programme is perhaps the number 1 selling fitness product in the world today.

Created by Craig Ballantyne who has written articles for the worlds top selling fitness magazines including Mens Health, this programme will give you eating guides and workouts to boost your fitness and transform your body in the shortest amount of time.

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