Hi Folks A bit different this one as we have a nice video of Neil Adams teaching Judo  however I have also included a text interview with Neil Adams. Neil Adams Mbe Former World Judo Champion and winner of 2 Olympic Medals has given me this exclusive interview. In it he talks about how he developed his world famous arm lock, how BJJ and Judo can benefit each other and how Kazushi can help you to throw more people! Please read the interview by clicking on the link here  or copy and paste the link below into your browser http://theselfdefenceexpert.com/neil-adams-talks-arm-locks-fitness-bjj-kazushi/
The Baseball choke is one of the most effective chokes in the BJJ arsenal and its legal in Judo (to my knowledge unless its banned and lets face it everything is getting banned these days!!). Either way take a look at this awesome baseball bat choke from Magid Hage