I came across this way a while ago and use it a lot. It is a nice neat knot and it looks cools as well. Enjoy the video.   www.judokafighter.com- The Judo Entertainment site
This is a must watch video and please share in support of world Judo day.   www.judokafighter.com – The Judo entertainment site
The videos on Judokafighter have really caught on, Possibly because it saves people time and brings he best videos to your attention. Here is a classic example of this. Justin Flores a top USA Judo player with numerous international medal to his name shows this great variation and entry in the Judo Triangle known as Sangaku.   www.judokafighter.com- The Judo Entertainment Site Bringing you the best Judo Videos on the web for free.
This is proof that you are never too old to do anything. I hope Im still involved in the sport at their age and active on the mat. www.judokafighter.com – The Judo Entertainment Site
This team GB  Judo mini Documentary  has some really nice interviews and some good throwing action. WWW.JUDOKAFIGHTER.COM -The Judo Entertainment site providing access to free on line Judo technique videos
Hi, in case you didn’t know Karina Bryant is perhaps one of the most talented female athletes in the history of the UK. she has won medals at world level time and time again and she is the current Olympic Bronze Meadlist. Finally, you can have a chance to train with her. The Karina Bryant Judo master class will break down her most successful techniques that have allowed her to dominate the best in the world. This is not to be missed! Check out the video and the poster and book now! November 18th Coventry- Contact Wayne Lakin for details on 07805 131638
Hi, I cant actually place this video on the site or even embed it but here is the link. I feel that this is an amziong interview with some incredible points raised by the former world champion and Olympic Bronze Medal winner click here to watch it all 
Super coll, a great randori from the top players at Judo Scotland