This is another very cool trailer. Says it all really when you watch it. Manchester Judo is awesome!!
Judo in Manchester England is about the best there is. World class players each training night all brouight together by award wining super coach Steve Pullen MBE. So here is the first of  trailers they have and this is amazing but which do you think is better, check the next post to see their other one!
Rhadi Ferguson a top coach and former Olympic Judo player breaks down the new rules of judo in this excellent video.
This is an excellent video packed with coaching points on osoto gari
An interesting video, well made but what are your thoughts on the product on display
*******warning graphic video ******extremely graphic bone break is in this video***************************** One of the reasons I stuck with Judo despite the sheer amount of other grappling systems was its in built safety. Yes its a rough sport but Kano in his wisdom made the art as safe as it could be. In addition the amount of respect displayed by Judo players to each other. This friendship is a global one. I can step on the mat anywhere in the world and be treated with dignity and respect. This is not evident in all grappling arts, and not evident by all grapplers  This video shows the [More]
The term Kakari geiko may be unfamiliar to you but it refers to continuous attack practise and this video shows you how to do it.
This video is filmed by from an event hosted by Tony Preston. It showcases Georgi Georgiev the former Bulgarian National Junior Champion in Judo and Sambo. He is also the current British Sambo Champion. This video shows his drill for a sambo and Judo sacrifice throw known as Hikikomi Gaeshi. The aim of the drill is to keep the grip whilst moving down the mat. Its a great drill. Remember Georgi has a DVD dedicated to grip fighting out and the link is in the products section of this website. The Judo Entertainment site
Matt D AQUINO 2008 Olympian shows this nice Judo turnover Technique The Judo entertainment site
Dont let the age of this young Judo player from Sneyd Judo club put you off, he really gets plenty of questions in whilst interviewing former World Judo Champion and 2 time Olympic Silver medallist Neil Adams.   The interviewer is the excellent young Judoka Jacob Smith and Neil talks about all areas of his Judo including his Olympic experiences and Judo history. An excellent insight which even has Neil Adams tips for young Judo players. An excellent interview that i recommend all  Judo players both young and old watch.   WWW.JUDOKAFIGHTER.COM- the Judo Entertainment site