Hi Folks A bit different this one as we have a nice video of Neil Adams teaching Judo  however I have also included a text interview with Neil Adams. Neil Adams Mbe Former World Judo Champion and winner of 2 Olympic Medals has given me this exclusive interview. In it he talks about how he developed his world famous arm lock, how BJJ and Judo can benefit each other and how Kazushi can help you to throw more people! Please read the interview by clicking on the link here  or copy and paste the link below into your browser http://theselfdefenceexpert.com/neil-adams-talks-arm-locks-fitness-bjj-kazushi/
Another cool video with some great drills and moves
Now this is what I call a great counter. Enjoy it and share to your friends
Hi Folks, This video is an overview of Matt D Aquinos new product the University of Judo. There is a full review available at by clicking here if not just head over to www.universityof judo.com It really is an mazing product but take a look at the review and the video to learn more.  
the youtube channel of franckyOtedesc is perhaps the best channel going at the moment. He has given us so many high quality videos. Now if you enjoy these videos and want more let the IJF or the BJA know as with some sponsorship I can get fresh videos from around the world made for you all. www.judokafighter.com wants to be able to make new videos for you all, but we need sponsorship to do this!! So you can help by sharing this site to your friends, get them to like us and sign up for updates. Thanks Ok , now until then check out his latest [More]
Matt D Aquino is back with this great video showing you more ways to throw with seoi nage