Once again Matt D Aquino from www.beyondgrappling.com takes Judo video instruction to the next level with this amazing video on how to stop a drop seoi nage. If you havent already done so visit his site and get on Matts mailing list and get 3 free e books on grappling. However click on our product page to purchase his must have training books for Judo for more information on Matts Products click here
Another demo of the reverse seoi nage, slightly muffled sound but a good technique
check out this amazing seminar footage of Jeon.   www.judokafighter.com
Children can produce brilliant Judo and often adults can learn  a lot from them. The new Junior Judo section of www.judokafighter.com is designed to showcase some amazing Junior Judo moments. If you have or know of any videos like this then send the link via the submit a video page.   www.judokafighter.com- The Judo entertainment site
A simple and nice footwork and body mechanics drill for Seoi Nage to get the space and reaction.   www.judokafighter.com- The Judo Entertainment site
This behind the head Seoi Nage features on the late Steve Bell Xtreme Judo DVD. A great DVD and well worth a purchase.
This is an amazing video showing Nakamura throwing with a Seoi Nage and making it look easy. www.judokafighter.com- The Judo entertainment site bringing you the best in on line Judo Videos from the web.
more footage from Matt D Aquino who shows his set ups for Ippon Seoi Nage. Great video!   www.judokafighter.com
He is back, well this is one of www.beyondgrappling.com’s earlier videos from 2008 Olympian Matt D Aquino. This shows his Drop Seoi Nage. As always a great video full of detail.   www.judokafighter.com- The Judo entertainment Site
A great video this. It is a rare look at the reverse Seoi Nage.   www.judokafighter.com- The Judo Entertainment site