Hi folks, just thought I would share this video with you. Its of my new self defence and training system called Primal. Now you will see from this short video it is a heavy mix of  Judo and boxing but people really are going wild for it with seminars booked across the UK and more and more requests being made. I have always suspected that people want a modern combat Judo and now I can confirm this to be the case. The video has been seen nearly 1000 times in just 6 days and its being talked about a lot. For more information about this or [More]
Judo player and self defence expert Andrew Holland of www.theselfdefenceexpert.com shows his unique combination of the Keysi Fighting Method Pensador and Osoto Gari. Oh and it might be worth saying that I am Andrew Holland and yes I am also the founder of this site. Major self plug I know.