The people in this video are amazing Judoka and part of The Manchester Judo Clubs. Steven Pullen is 6th Dan and one of the best coaches in the world and the person teaching in the clip is Steve Ravenscroft who is 5 x British Champion and is brilliant. I train with these guys and trust me that they dont come any better. This is a great video and thanks to Stuart Tomlinson form creating it
Some real gold here in this post on kouchi gari
World class stuff here
Wow, check this footage of Go Tsunoda showing his Kouchi Gari The Judo Entertainment site providing access to free on line Judo technique videos
A great video showing you the kouchi gari of this amazing player WWW.JUDOKAFIGHTER.COM- The Judo entertainment site providing the best online Judo videos for free
Matt from WWW.BEYONDGRAPPLING.COM does it again. This time he delivers a great Kouchi Gari. Get on his site folks, subscribe and take a look at his products in our store.   Matt  is a 2008 Olympian Watch and enjoy Free online Judo videos