Ok this is Ilias Iliadis randori at a seminar and its amazing to watch
O Goshi for competition as demonstrated by the team at Camberley Judo and Vince Skillcorn
Some amazing No Gi/ Judo grappling as Travis Stevens and Ilias Iliadis warm up
Watch Ilias Iliadis Train and learn how he gets in amazing shape and throws people with ease. Video footage included.  
This unique video showcases the win Iliadis had in the 2011 World Judo Championship. Its a great mix of music and footage.
Some nice randori footage.
Ilias Iliadis Shows his Eri Seoi Nage- Simply watch this video and enjoy. www.judokafighter.com
Ilias Iliadis Ogoshi- I missed out on a very good Judo weekend starting today due to issues beyond my control. So to make up to it I have found 2 videos that I will dedicate to my long lost Judo buddies, I will make another training session one day! Anyway this video is simply amazing so enjoy!!   www.judokafighter.com
This video has to be seen to be believed. Take a look at Ilias Iliadis the Olympic Gold and Bronze Medal winner and 2 Time World Champion going through some Grip Fighting Sequences. I had to share this as soon as I found it.   www.judokafighter.com- The Judo Entertainment Site