This is a few clips of a George Zantaria master class of which the osoto gari on display is pure brilliance
A nice unique video of an osoto gari from one grip.
Folks this is a great video, detailed and has English text translation. Check it out!!
A nice video breakdown inĀ JapaneseĀ of osoto gari
This is an excellent video packed with coaching points on osoto gari
A great drill for the cross body osoto gari as taught by top USA Judo coach Steve Scott
In this video Craig Fallon a former Judo world Champion shows several variations of throws, he also displays a unique Variation of Kata guruma that must be watched. This video in my opinion is amazing and the best that we have ever used. Its short, action packed and full of great tips. He shows ouchi, sode and even an osoto gari – The Judo Entertainment Site
A very nice video that really breaks down osoto gari, it is in Japanese however you can easily tell the points he is making.   WWW.JUDOKAFIGHTER.COM- The Judo Entertainment site bringing you the best free on line Judo technique videos on the web