Want to know what happened when Jimmy Pedro former World Judo Champion rolled with Marcelo Garcia BJJ World Champion. wonder no more because here is the footage
The Baseball choke is one of the most effective chokes in the BJJ arsenal and its legal in Judo (to my knowledge unless its banned and lets face it everything is getting banned these days!!). Either way take a look at this awesome baseball bat choke from Magid Hage
  This amazing video by Wayne Lakin of http://www.waynelakincoaching.com/ showing the Sangaku is among the best instructional videos I have ever seen on Sangaku. Which shows you that a lot can be crammed into only a few minutes. Please check it out, share it and like it. If you want to learn more on increasing your strength for Judo then click on the image above to check out the amazing Strength Training for Judo programme.
How to Counter the Judo Armbar used by Ronda Rousey The whole world has gone Judo mad after Ronda Rousey has yet again won in the UFC so here is Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens showing how to defend against it!